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Booking Appointment

PIPPO is a new app that will allow you to book your appointment online with any of our doctors.

Need a doctor at the weekend, but maybe it could wait until Monday morning? You will be able to see our online availability for appointments during the week.

There are a few points to note when setting it up for the first time. Once you are set up, it should be hassle free.

1. Your details must be the EXACT same as we have saved on our system in the surgery. This applies to:

a. Married name vs Maiden name vs double-barrel names

b. Address

c. Email

d. Punctuation (e.g. Even down to the ‘ in O’Connell!)

e. Phone number

2. Children (anyone under the age of 18) must be added as DEPENDANTS to your account. If not, they will be rejected on the system. The parent must be registered first, in order to add the child to the account.

The main reason people may get rejected from the system, is due to a discrepancy with names/emails/mobile numbers we have saved.

This is easily fixed by a phone call to our reception team to cross-check your details. Once this is rectified, your account should be up and running and hopefully will be smooth to use going forward.

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