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Employers have great responsibility to ensure employee health as well as meeting their Legal Obligations. We have enjoyed a close relationship for a long number of years with a number of local businesses. The purpose of which is to support the employer in their obligation to their employees. We work to promote health, prevent illness and provide Expert Medical Opinion when medical difficulties arise.

Doctors In Catherine Street Medical Centre have achieved Post Graduate Qualifications in occupational medicine to add to years of professional experience in this sub-specialty.
To discuss your Businesses medical needs please contact Practice Manager Mary Rohan.

We are flexible, experienced and accessible – Mary will discuss your needs and arrange a meeting with our Doctors. We Provide a range of services to satisfy the medical requirements and obligations of employers.

Pre-employment Health Screening:
This screening is to assess that your potential employee is fit and healthy to do the job, to ensure that they can work safely without causing damage to their health or to that of other employees. It also establishes a baseline against which future health changes can be compared.

Occupational Health Assessments:
We carry out medical lead assessments of employees’ fitness in relation to work. Once these assessments are completed you will be furnished with a written report advising management of the employees’ fitness to work.

  • Assessment of medical fitness to return to work following illness or absence.
  • Assessments where work may be causing health problems or health may be interfering with work
  • Ill health retirement assessments

Absence Management:
Long-term sickness absence is not good for anyone. Successful management of sickness absence in the workplace can contribute significantly to overall business productivity.
The report will assist you as an employer by advising on issues such as:

  • Current fitness status
  • Return to work date
  • Likely length of ongoing absence
  • Whether or not future absences can be anticipated due to health issues. If work accommodations or restrictions are required and for what period of timeWhether the employee has a medical condition that
    might impact on ability to give reasonable attendance and effective service in the future.

Occupational Vaccination:
Many jobs (including those associated with healthcare) can bring employees into close contact with a range of different infections and diseases.

Vaccinations can provide protection against some of these and also prevent disease transmission to other people.

Employers have a legal duty to protect the health of their staff and must assess the risk of infection. When a risk has been identified, an employer must take suitable precautions to protect the health of the

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