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In The News :

There have been cases of Measles reported in Ireland and in Europe generally . This is  unusual and of significant public health concern.

Ireland does not have more than 95% of the population vaccinated – so we do not have what is termed ‘ herd immunity ‘ and therefore are at significant risk of a serious outbreak of this potentially very serious infection.

As always it is the very young , immunocompromised  and pregnant that are most at risk.


MMR vaccine Catch-up Programme March 2024

The MMR vaccine catch-up programme is for those who did not get the MMR vaccine when it was offered to them when they were 12 months old, or age 4-5 years old in junior infants.

Where it is unclear if a person over the age of five, including an adult, has been fully vaccinated, MMR1 and if necessary, MMR2 can be administered .  A minimum of four weeks should elapse prior to administering a second MMR vaccine.

Immunity and vaccination:

Nb – Individuals can be assumed to be immune if either:

  • they were born in Ireland before 1978, as they were almost certainly infected with measles or

  • they have had two MMR vaccines at least four weeks apart, both given after the person’s first birthday.

Note: the MMR1 vaccine, scheduled for 12 month old babies, provides very good immunity until MMR2 booster is due at 4 – 5 years of age.  MMR2 does not need to be administered early in preschool children

How do I access the MMR vaccine ?

You can phone the surgery  and book an appointment with the Nurse if you know you are eligible .The vaccine is free.

If you are unsure having read this news item and the link to the information leaflet below please phone and ask to speak with our Practice Nurse or Doctor .

How many vaccines are  needed?

If you or your child has never received the MMR vaccine ->  need two doses of the MMR vaccine, one dose now and another dose after a month.

If you or your child received one dose of MMR vaccine in the past ->  need one dose of the MMR vaccine, a month or longer after the last dose.

If you or your child has already received two MMR vaccines ->  will not need another MMR vaccine dose.

Why is vaccination important?

The MMR vaccine protects against the measles, mumps and rubella viruses.

Measles infection can cause serious complications in children, pregnant women and the immunocompromised.

The MMR vaccine provides the best protection against catching measles and preventing outbreaks. If 95 out of 100 people, got the two MMR injections, this would prevent measles outbreaks.

Please use this link for additional information ->  HSE Information leaflet for the General Public 


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